Future Plans

BCS is continuously committed to "Promote Agro-Vet products; in Nepal, by Nepal and for the Nepal". Therefore we are envisioned to expand further in other districts of Nepal. We believe, reaching far-districts will attract many more farmers and providing them adequate resources will balance the current demand and supply of meat products here in the country.

Reports say currently Nepal has a demand of 2.88425 MT of meat and it is still importing 11760 MT (worth Rs.6.46 billion) from neighboring countries. Unlike other meats, buffalo meats covers 60.55% of market share, followed by goat meat and Chicken meat (36062 MT)

Therefore, BCS is planning to expand to Terai. We estimate to lease or buy 10-15 bigah empty land to setup one more flagship chicken and buffalo farming. We estimate the budget to be of Rs. 60 crores. Initially, this project could benefit more than 200 farmers (and their families) in different level of jobs. The output of the project, we estimate to produce;

  • 90 tonne of buffalo meat production a month
  • 180 tonne of chicken meat production a month

The estimated maturity period of this plan is 24-26 months.