Current BCS Issues

Last year BCS researched and discovered that Nepal will have 3-4 five star hotels soon to be added in Kathmandu, Lumbini and Pokhara regions. We already have been supplying 75tonne of Chicken Meat to one of the reputed five star hotel in Kathmandu. We estimate the demand could grow by 8% to 10% every year, and we won't be able to meet the demand supply chain. Therefore we will be forced to export either from India or abroad.

So to balance either we need to set up new facilities to cooperate with the demand. There's an equal opportunity for others to join the competition and cope with the meat shortages. Because more hotels means more guests, more guests means more consumption (demands), which means more food require. That contributes increment in purchase power, leads to emphasize on buying and selling (or trading).

Apart from the meat economy, BCS wants to solve environmental issues. BCS urgently seeks to set-up A Rendering Plant, where the remains (Heads, hooves, blood, offal (internal organs) and anything else that cannot be used) from the slaughter unit are recycled to value-added products. BCS likes to extend its network with recycling agencies for solid solutions.

Secondly, BCS wants to install Wastewater Treatment Plant on its slaughter house. BCS believes wastewater can be cleaned up to 96% solving the problem of water contamination problem that is caused when this type of water is disposed improperly, which can damage rivers and lakes, also gives bad visual to landscapes. We believe new water from the plant can be re-used for various purposes such as; washing, fertilization, plantation and so on.

Hence having such Treatment Plants will not classify BCS as harmful industry ever.